The ÅGV -group in the ÅAS parliament

About the ÅGV -group in the parliament of the Student Union of Åbo Akademi

The group

Åbo Gröna Vänster (The Green Left Alliance) has long had a group in ÅAS (the student union of Åbo Akademi) parliament. Through the group, ÅGV has been active in the student politics of Åbo Akademi. Do note that the group, in principle, are autonomous from the association even if they represent us by using the name of the association.

The ÅGV -group actually has no official responsibillity to follow the association, but their responsibility is to the parliament of the Student Union. The group also have their own chairperson (group-chairperson). Naturally that doesn’t mean that the association wouldn’t support the group, because they still represent us, and as such it is desirable that contact is maintained.

The group has actively participated in student politics and has initiated several projects. Students active in ÅGV have initiated the investigation into the role and function of the subject councils (ämnesrådslag), the project to make Åbo Akademi a Fair Trade University and the Student Union’s stand against the parking hall project underneath the market square in Turku.

Through the group, we strive for a more active Student Union at Åbo Akademi University. We want a student union that takes a stand and represents the students not only in matters related to the university, but also in matters related to the community as a whole.

The Student Union & the Student Union elections

In the case that you as a member of the Student Union want to pitch in and influence the Student Union of Åbo Akademi and the study environment, you can enter the elections of the Student Union which happens every other year.

The parliament of the student union is the highest decision-making body of the Student Union and consists of students from many different groups. When a election is topical, you can as a green left-minded individual participate in the Student Union elections through the ÅGV -group, and then hopefully be elected in the parliament of the Student Union.

We dont require of those who represent us in the parliament of the Student Union to be active in the political activities that hasn’t to do with study-life. Naturally however, we wish that they participate in our own meetings as possible, in the purpose of maintaining contact. The mandate period in the parliament of the Student Union is two years in the case that you are elected as a permanent or substitute. An official membership in ÅGV is not required to be in the group.

When a Student Union election is topical, it is the responsibillity of the active group to see to it that an election group is formed. Election groups must be formed anew in every election. Naturally we can’t require the group to form a new election group, and that they use the name Åbo Gröna Vänster. However, because it has been students active in ÅGV who has formed the election group each election period, the group has always had the same name as the association.

Do note that there is not garanty that our election group gets to be elected every election period. In the case that the election group doesn’t get elected in the parliament, or that we can’t find any willing candidates, it is up to the students active in ÅGV to form a new election group under the next election period. Naturally we call upon and support green left-minded students to be politically active through the association, and to keep the group alive.

More about the Student Union (the site is updated when a new election is topical).