Turkiet ut ur Rojava -demonstration imorgon!

Senaste lördag arrangerades det demonstrationer runtom i Finland mot den av Turkiet inledda attacken. Nu på lördag, det vill säga imorgon, ordnas det igen en marsch i Åbo för att visa solidaritet för Rojava.

Demonstrationståget samlas kl.13 i Gamla Stortorget och marscherar iväg kl.13:30. Efter marschen återvänder demonstration till Gamla Stortorget var det är utlovat program, tal och musik.

En närmare beskrivning av händelsen på engelska (kopierat från Facebook) följer nedan.

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Last Saturday we were 350 people standing against Turkish invasion in Northern Syria: this week on Saturday we march again for solidarity with Rojava! The demonstrations gathers at Old Great Square (Vanha Suurtori) at 1 PM and marches at 1:30 PM. After the march we return to the starting point, where there will be program with speeches and music performances. The event is suitable for children. Bring your family, friends, colleagues, classmates and neighbors and join to #SaveRojava! Make your own banners and signs so that the whole city sees our demands!

Trump announced on Sunday that he supports Turkey’s war plans against Northern Syria. On Wednesday afternoon Erdogan’s attack began. Turkey’s invasion will be a devastating humanitarian catastrophe, lead to ethnic cleansings, destroy the current world’s most important democratic project in Rojava along with all its people, and give rise to ISIS again. We cannot allow this to happen!

– Finland’s EU Presidency to take action end the military action in Turkey!
– Finland to freeze all diplomatic relations with the Turkish state!
– Finland’s government to revoke all already granted arms trade licenses with Turkey!
– Finland and the EU to impose a trade embargo on Turkey!
– A no-fly zone over Northern Syria!

Turkey is largely dependent on Finland’s, EU’s and other international community’s political and military support: that’s why we cannot remain silent while Turkey plans to continue and intensify its human rights violations. Together we can end Erdogan’s war!

1. Donate to Kurdistan Red Crescent, Heyva Sor a Kurdistanê! This is the only international aid NGO left in Northern Syria after Turkey’s attack began.

PayPal: www.paypal.me/heyvasor

Bank account number:
Heyva Sor a Kurdistanê e. V.
IBAN: DE 49 370 502 99 000 40 10 481
Website in English: http://www.heyvasor.com/en/
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/hskurd

2. Appeal to local and national decision makers, companies and arms exporters! In the end of YLE’s article (in Finnish) there’s a list of all Finnish arms manufacturers still holding an export permit to Turkey: https://yle.fi/uutiset/3-11019164

3. Boycott companies that benefit the Turkish State! Tourism, especially package holidays, is a huge income for Erdogan. So choose another destination for your next holiday. Furthermore, plenty of products, textiles in particular, are being sold in Finland: by Marimekko, Finlayson, Nanso, Familon, Vallila and S & K Groups. So, refuse to buy products that fund the Turkish State, and let the retailer know of your boycott!

4. Spread the word about Rojava and Turkish invasion! Make art or blog in support with Rojava, share articles and events in social media, learn more about the society in Rojava and the current situation, organize solidarity actions in your area, ask companies and organizations to take a stand against Erdogan’s war. The most important thing is to find other people wanting to take action, and the ways of acting are many!


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